It was a dawn still swaddled in grey but by the time I set off for my morning walk the promised sunshine had arrived and the sky was a brilliant cerulean blue.

This morning’s adventure was encountering an Egyptian Goose wandering up the Shinfield Road looking perilously close to stepping into traffic. A few encouraging words and subtle herding were enough to redirect it back towards campus. It took off in the direction of the lake so hopefully it’s back in a more suitable habitat for it now.

There is a beautiful, blossomed entrance to my office building at the moment. Even more lovely against this vivid sky.

After a morning immobile at my desk I take a languid lunchtime stroll around the lake. There were students and ducks strewn everywhere lazing contentedly in the sunshine.

Meanwhile, in the Harris Garden the fritillaries are still the star of the show.

It is a similar story at California Lake on the way home. I reach the swan’s best as the male hands incubation duties back to the female. The nest is full of precious eggs. She wriggles herself down and stretches her warmth out and over them all. The cob does a bit of nest maintenance, tidying and reinforcing before setting off our on patrol.

Courgettes in this evening.

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