English Pastoral

It was the warmest day of the year … so far. To be fair that wasn’t hard but this will take some beating. Weather, hey? Reaching 29° in places they say with tomorrow even warmer. It’s unseasonably hot. Almost an early summer day added on to a spring day hot. Summer may have peaked in April and soon the jumpers will be out again.

Not that I saw much of it; I was in the zone from the moment I reached my desk. Thinking, preparing, facilitating and coaching filled my day.

Just a short walk home. Peaceful and sun dappled.

A quick check of Sophia and Wulfgar The White Beard. Both still in position in their little corner of the lake. This isn’t the best photo, because Wulfgar is so well tucked away, but I like how much like a rhododendron a heron can be when it wants to.

Run was a lovely relaxed English Pastoral although I was a little tired and sore and therefore slow. It was warm, sunny, golden with a heady aroma of fertility and shared with cows, squirrels, birds and the same solitary little deer cautiously grazing.

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