A photo of a bare tree in a meadow.  In the foreground is the trunk and branches of a much larger tree.  Both are covered in golden sunlight.

A day in the garden. A rich, warm day that feels more like April. The garden is already full of life. So clearing leaves and finishing all the pruning making space and light for the new growth. I disturbed multiple caterpillars and a frog which startled both of us. I hope I didn’t hurt it. I tucked it back into its blanket of leaves.

I took the scenic route the the bottle bank as it was the golden hour.

A photo of a wetland nature reserve.  A curving path crosses a bridge, beyond is boggy grassland and a few trees.  Above is a blue sky with the jet stream of an aeroplane.A photo of a curved gravel path through boggy grassland bathed in golden sunlight.  The shadow of the photographer stretches over the path.

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