Aus Tales #5 – Beach Blue Hues

I can’t remember the last time I was on a beach (in the sunshine!) and
it is indeed just dreamy.

9am. Quiet, sandy beach, cerulean crystal clear water that darkens to
a deep indigo as it meets the empty horizon and the sky above adding
its own azure tint. There’s a gentle breeze, the sun is warm but not
yet baking and the only sound is the hypnotic rhythm of the waves
lapping against the shore.

In the shallows shoals of fish drift past and the occassional dolphin
arcs gracefully out of the surf. Sand pipers stroll along dipping
their beaks into wet sand. It really is blissful …..

Goats cheese and honey salad for lunch so beer choice: Beez Neez
delicious sweet amber ale with a touch of honey

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